Here's a brief 'Question and Answer' with A Better Way owner and operator Brandi Esler.

Q - Do you enjoy what you do?
A - I love my job! I am process-driven, organized, and logical by nature, so a career in administration is a natural fit for me. 

Q - How long have you worked in administration?
A - I have 15+ years of experience in a wide variety of industries: transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, engineering, and oil and gas.

Q - What inspired you to start your own VA business?
A - I was frustrated working for organizations where the employees didn't care about the company's reputation and standards of service. Early in my admin career, I learned that exceptional customer service is absolutely crucial to the success of any company. My goal is to help business owners find non-traditional ways to improve their operations, such as outsourcing tasks by hiring a VA.

Q - Technology is advancing so quickly, how do you keep up on the ever-changing landscape of office administration?
A - I am continually updating my skill-set by taking courses at SAIT here in Calgary, participating in webinars, networking at various trade shows, and meeting other VA professionals.

Q - What does a typical work day look like?
A - There is nothing typical about working from home! I strongly believe in maintaining a work-life balance. I start my day by eating a healthy breakfast and coffee, lots of coffee! Then it's downstairs to my office. Work might entail constructing a social media plan, building an SEO strategy for a client's new website, and then assisting a different company with their invoicing. At some point I'll step away from the computer screen and take my dog for a walk in Calgary's beautiful Nose Hill Park.

If you have any additional questions, contact Brandi, she'd love to hear from you!