Profits in Time Management

If you have ever wished that you could have more time in a day, consider the following: if you outsourced just 1 hour of administrative tasks per day, you would gain 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, and 240 hours a year. This is the equivalent of 30 8-hour days!

As a business owner, your hourly rate is most likely $100+ per hour. Your time is best spent on gaining more clients and revenue, not administrative tasks. If you don't already have a list of tasks you might be able to delegate, contact us and we can help you with that!

Monthly Retainer Packages

Think of all the tasks you wouldn't have to worry about if you outsourced some of your administrative needs. For example: 20 hours a month can get your social media active and engaging, your website updated, and your emails cleaned and categorized. With the extra time, you can focus on what you want to do, and still feel good knowing that everything is getting done on time! Contact us for more details on how we can make outsourcing easy for you.



Virtual Time Management

Whether you are an international jet-setting CEO or a local business owner juggling multiple responsibilities, we have a solution for you! From the time you get up, your eyes are fixed on your smartphone and laptop. Imagine getting some relief from the eye-straining, brain-draining tasks. Maximize every minute of your day and reduce your screen time by sourcing out your administrative work. We can help by managing your:

  • calendar, email inbox, appointments, and reminders
  • travel arrangements
  • research
  • professional membership upkeep

Communications and Public Relations Support

Clear and concise communication is one of the foundations of a well put together business. Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is critical to your success. Well-crafted messaging increases your brand identity, minimizes confusion in your clients, and sparks interest from the community you serve. We'll make sure your message stays on track by assisting you with:

  • press releases and media advisories 
  • copy-editing (editing, spelling and grammar, formatting)
  • desktop publishing (brochures, flyers, forms, invitations, letterheads, manuals, policies, presentations, procedures, templates)
  • event support (conferences, employee appreciations, meetings, seminars, trade shows)

Human Resources Support

Hiring a new employee can be extremely strenuous and time-consuming. Focus on the parts of the business that only you can do, and let us:

  • post the job opening
  • select the strongest resumes
  • schedule interviews
  • check references
  • create your new hire packages


Rarely do we hear our clients say how much they love tackling two hours worth of paper work at the end of a long day. Simplify your life by sourcing out your labour intensive work. We'll keep you organized and paid on time by completing your financial tasks such as:

  • expense management
  • employee time-sheet and entitlement tracking
  • invoice your clients
  • bill payments

Document Management

Having a secure and easy-to-use records management system is highly important. Take authority over your records, hard copy and electronic, and hire A Better Way Virtual Assistant to create a system that will make your business run more smoothly. From document creation, versions, and archive, we'll ensure that your business-critical documents are managed throughout their life-cycle.

We're Flexible

Do you have a project or administrative task that doesn't fall under our list of services? No problem. Making your life easier is our number one priority! Leave the details to us. We love a good challenge. Our team will carefully craft a customized plan to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation.