We’ve been helping businesses put their systems in place for over 20 years.

If a lack of structured, automated workflows is preventing your business and income from growing, you’re in the right place.

A Better Way VA serves clients who want to grow their business, but are stuck at their current level of business and income.

Who are you?

You’re a health or personal coach with over a year of experience in your business.

You know what your message is.

You have a stack of email addresses and potential clients.

But you’re not being heard and your business isn’t growing. What’s your missing piece?

The automated systems that effectively and efficiently communicate your message to the right audience.

We’re here to restore your sanity and save you time in your business by providing technical solutions and setting up systems. And, systems = growth!

We have successfully organized and automated clients, giving them back hours of their time by organizing and structuring their businesses. Whether that involves implementing new technology, reorganizing an inbox, or taking all the little pieces of a client’s business and automating emails and marketing, we have your back.

You became a business owner to make a difference, to serve others a deeper level, and to control your income. You didn’t start your own company to enjoy the pleasures of thousands of emails a day :)

That’s where we come in. A Better Way VA provides technology-driven organizational solutions for online health, personal, and business coaches. We increase your profit margins and decrease your workload with our strategic approach to organizing your business.

We love collaborating with online business owners who want to grow.

Unsure of what your business needs, but know you need help?  Contact us anyway, and together, we’ll figure out what you need and if A Better Way VA can help you. If we can’t, we are so well connected, you might get a referral to another awesome service provider!

We’ll schedule a video conference call so that we can get to know each other and learn what your business needs are.

Why should you work with us? Let other business owners tell you why here.