When Was The Last Time You Invested In Yourself?

No, no, I'm not talking about a new pair of shoes or a new haircut.

Those things are nice but I'm not referring to material possessions easily purchased from a store or a mall, although shoes and a haircut could be considered an investment of sorts. But so can your favourite sweet treat and a large mug of a favourite caffeinated beverage, mmm. I digress...

The investment I'm talking about is the kind that teaches you a new skill and increases your value as a business owner or service provider.

With the globalization of the internet, it has broken down barriers to learning and information previously not realized or imagined in generations before ours. Any skillset under the sun can be sought and attempted, efforts being squashed often only by one's level of determination.

Have you ever had the rush of learning a new skill? When I learn a new concept in digital marketing, especially one that I've read about or have seen other business owners talking about in Facebook groups, it's exciting! I become slightly obsessed and want to learn even more to round out my knowledge and connect the new information to the knowledge base I already have.

Smart Brain, New Brain

Scientists now know that the brain is changed when we learn something new. Some experts call these changes "plasticity" in the brain due to new forming connections and neurons, which can make existing neural pathways stronger or weaker. Cool hey?

New knowledge and increasing your skillset is particularly beneficial for your business as it could help you:

  • expand your current services/programs
  • niche down and specialize in a more focused area
  • provide more value to your clients
  • expand your business operations
  • charge more money
  • increase your confidence

"Do something today your future self will thank you for."

In the past 9 months, I've undertaken 2 major training initiatives*.

  1. Ontraport. This is a business automation software that is an all-in-one solution: CRM, landing pages, email marketing, ecommerce, membership sites, automation builder, and more. I actually was lucky enough to travel to Ontraport headquarters in Santa Barbara for a 5-day intensive training , which led to me becoming a certified Ontraport consultant. Sounds fancy, doesn't it?
  2. The Digital Gangsta. This is Julie Stoian's all-inclusive monster-of-a-course on all things digital marketing. She created the course to be comparable to a marketing degree. Everything from running Facebook ads, to creating your juicy offers, to copywriting, to sales funnels is included in this program, as well as some bonuses such as behind the scenes in Julie's business, productivity, and Proposal Secrets, which sells on its own for a quarter of the price of TDG. Who the heck is Julie Stoian, you may be muttering to yourself? Read her bio here - I've been a part of 2 of her Facebook groups for the past year and I can attest that she's the real deal. Her business has exploded over the past year but she's honest, genuine, and doesn't dish out those sleazy marketing techniques that annoy the hell out of most people.

Entrepreneurship has taught me that there are many ways to bootstrap a business when capital is lean...or non-existent. However, one area that I've not skimped on is intentional, high-quality training and skills development. This has been pivotal for my personal growth and that of my business. And that, dahlings, is priceless.

* - This post contains my affiliate links. In short, if you click on my links and purchase, I may get a commish from those companies, at no cost to you. If you're interested in signing up for programs under my links, I will soon be offering some juicy bonuses and incentives - stay tuned to read more!