How Do You Work With Someone Online? - Part 2

In Part 1, I spoke of more of behaviour-based traits and this post will look at the actual process of how to share and delegate work with your Virtual Consultant.

*SIDE NOTE - I use the terms Virtual Assistant, Virtual Consultant, Virtual Admin, Administrative Consultant, etc., almost interchangeably, at least for blogging purposes :) 

Now, there are many platforms that could be used to transfer docs, sheets, and images - Google Docs, Drop Box, Sky Drive, Team Drive, and are the top ones that come to mind. Essentially, these cloud-based platforms provide a way to share documents between 2 or more users, thus creating easy and secure collaboration. The nice thing about most of these platforms is that they are free, of course, many of them offer upgrades for more storage and such for a monthly fee. And there are the other 'older' methods: email, Skype, text, etc.

Now, how does this translate into work completed? Well, first things first. Find a Virtual Assistant you like and trust; discuss your needs in as much detail as you can - the more detail you provide to the VA, the better of an idea they will have on how long it will take to complete the project (and also that they have the right skill set!); and to ensure protection for both parties, a contract should be signed and even a non-disclosure agreement.

Once these pieces are in place, you can transfer files to your VA. It could be the start of a procedure manual that the VA will format and edit. It could be some photos that the VA can touch up or modify in Photoshop. It could be scanned receipts that need to be entered into a spreadsheet. If a computer is needed to fulfill the task, a Virtual Consultant can probably do it for you!

I have one client who owns a small but busy plumbing company. He is so busy during the days seeing clients in their homes or offices and training a new apprentice that he doesn't have the time to invoice those clients. So he will send me a text message with the client info and I will prepare the invoice and send it to the clients on his behalf. Easy, right?! He can focus on the work he loves while still ensuring he gets paid.

There are so many examples of how this work-flow can take place but hopefully you get the idea of how it could happen. As long as it works between the client and VA, any method can be employed. And as long as communication is clear and continuous, working with a VA can be a great source of business support!