How Do You Work With Someone Online? - Part 1

I was recently asked this question when I was explaining this new Virtual Assistant venture to someone. And it got me thinking that perhaps a lot of people who have never worked with a VA before may also have this question!

Well, there are several strategies one can employ but one of the most crucial is communication. Communicating clearly and often with your client is key to providing them peace of mind. The method of communication doesn't matter so much (phone, Skype, text, email, etc.) but responding in a timely fashion to your client shows they are important and you care about your service to them.

I believe that treating your VA business as a professional makes a big difference as well. Imagine if you were an assistant working for a CEO in a downtown high-rise and you didn't respond to your boss's emails or perform any other task that your employment contract stipulates. I imagine you wouldn't be employed for very long! Just as you would be professional in an office setting, you must use your working hours efficiently and deliver a quality product within established time frames. 

Always being honest with your clients is pretty important too. Being honest about your skills, how long a project will take you to complete, and asking questions for clarification will prove your trustworthiness and sincerity.

Of course, there are many more attributes and behaviours that would positively benefit an online working relationship. However, if I were to list them all here, this post would get way too long!

In Part 2 of 'How Do You Work With Someone Online?' I will be exploring the options of how exactly work gets transferred and completed.