digital strategy & implementation

A Better Way VA serves business and health coaches who want to streamline their business systems so that their time can be spent designing valuable services to help more people.

No one becomes a coach only to spend hours in front of a computer screen attempting to capture information from potential leads, figuring out systems to track marketing results, and trying to find ways to squeeze more hours into a day. Coaches are human beings who want to help others grow, develop, and thrive!

Following up on leads, developing marketing plans, and analyzing data from a marketing campaign are vital parts of growing your business. But not everyone has time to juggle a multitude of details and develop quality programs that their clients need.

Here are just a few ways A Better Way VA can help your business be more productive and grow:

  • Create a custom designed marketing campaign 
  • Build and execute sales funnels
  • Lead tracking
  • CRM management
  • Online payments & auto billing

Brandi at A Better Way VA can help analyze your business processes, develop efficient automated systems, and implement the programs necessary to streamline your business. With these tasks in her capable hands, you can get back to the parts of your business you enjoy the most - helping people.

Don't spend another moment trying to fix your broken sales funnel or being bogged down with ineffective, unproductive systems - schedule an appointment with Brandi today.